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STiL Volume 6
Special Issue on Directionality of Phrase Structure Building

Cristiano Chesi

p.7 - Cristiano Chesi
Introduction to directionality
p.11 - Colin Phillips and Shevaun Lewis
Derivational Order in Syntax: Evidence and Architectural Consequences
p.49 - Ruth Kempson, Ronnie Cann, And Lutz Marten
Treegrowth Dynamics
p.83 - Ash Asudeh
Directionality and the Production of Ungrammatical Sentences
p.107 - Cristiano Chesi
Do the 'right' move
p.139 - Jieun Kiaer
Why Left-to-Right Grammar? Evidence from Korean
p.167 - Michael Brody
Syntax and Symmetry

STiL Volume 5

Emilio Servidio

p.5 - Irene Caloi
The comprehension of relative clauses in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
p.25 - Elisa Di Domenico
Setting, resetting and general learning mechanisms: On the elements of syntactic variation in L2A
p.38 - Yhara M. Formisano
Teaching adverbs position to Italian students of English as L2: verb movement as a teaching tool
p.59 - Mary A. Kato
WH-movement in the history of Brazilian Portuguese
p.77 - Vincenzo Moscati
On intervention effects in weak islands. A self-paced reading experiment
p.91 - Vincenzo Moscati and Luigi Rizzi
The selective development of Agreement in Early Italian
p.117 - Madoka Murakami
erb movement: The contrast between English and Italian
p.145 - Salvatore Pistoia-Reda
Some notes on only, maximization, and a certain historical advance


Other papers

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    2019  Top

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    Spelling Out Focus-Fronting Chains and Wh- Chains: The Case of Italian.
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  • Bianchi Valentina, Bocci Giuliano, Cruschina Silvio Bianchi Valentina, (2018)
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    2015  Top

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    2012  Top

  • Matteini Simona (2012)
    L2 parameter .
    in Enjoy Linguistics! Papers offered to Luigi Rizzi in occasion of his 60th birthday, V.Bianchi &C. Chesi (eds), CISCL Press
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    Semantica. Dalle parole alle frasi.
    Roma, Carocci

    2011  Top

  • Matteini Simona (2011)
    Competenze ’pragmatico-discorsive’ e struttura informazionale in Italiano L2: alcune proposte didattiche sulla sintassi del soggetto nella frase semplice.
    Rivista Itals - Didattica e linguistica dell’italiano come lingua straniera, P.E.Balboni - M. Santipolo (eds) Guerra Edizioni
  • Matteini Simona (2011)
    Exploring the L2 syntax/morphology interface in the DP domain: a study on the acquisition of German nominal inflectional morphology by Italian adult learners.
    STiL - Studies in Linguistics (CISCL WP, Vol 4)

    2009  Top

  • Belletti Adriana, Rizzi Luigi (2009)
    Moving Verbal chuncks.
    to appear in L..Brugé, A.Cardinaletti, G.Giusti, N.Munaro, C.Poletto eds. Functional Heads, OUP [62.23 Kb ]
  • Arosio Fabrizio, Guasti Maria Teresa, Stavrakaki Stavroula (2008)
    Number and Case in the comprehension of relative clauses: Evidence from Italian and Greek.
    StIL Vol. 2
  • Garzonio Jacopo, Poletto Cecilia (2008)
    Minimizers and quantifiers: a window on the development of negative markers.
    StIL Vol. 2
  • Badan Linda (2008)
    Preposed Object and Low Periphery in Mandarin Chinese.
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    Expletives, Datives, and the Tension between Morphology and Syntax.
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    2006  Top

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    2001  Top

  • Bianchi Valentina (2001)
    On person agreement.
    Unpublished extended version of the (2003) paper on finiteness and person agreement. [501.54 Kb ]
  • Bianchi Valentina (2001)
    Antisymmetry and the Leftness Condition: leftness as anti-c-command.
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