Siena University Treebank - SUT

22 October 2009 corpus & instructions

XML Tree Tagger (V2.1)
this is a very simple utility that displays an annotated / tagged (set of) sentence(s) as syntactic tree(s). This tool allows you to: (semiautomatically) tag (stardard SUT V1.0) a text file (encoding iso-8859-1, one sentence per line). Open, display, edit and save well-tagged XML files, drag the tree structure on the window frame, export tree structures as gif images. (it requires Java JRE6)

LIV2LIS Machine Translation Toolkit (V1.1)
Java MT modules and training data for automatically translate sentences from Italian to Italian sign Language; analyze a fully aligned corpus and extract information from it (bilingual lexicon, tranfer rules, statistical cues, rough measure of the difficulty of the MT task; (it requires Java JRE6; login: guest pass: unisi)

Chesi, Lebani, Pallottino (2008)
A Bilingual Treebank (ITA-LIS) suitable for Machine Translation: what Cartography and Minimalism teach us


[CISCL - Centro Interdipartimentale di Studi Cognitivi sul Linguaggio, University of Siena]