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- Bianchi Valentina, Bocci Giuliano, Cruschina Silvio Bianchi Valentina, (2020)
"Focus in wh-questions: Evidence from Italian.
to appear in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory

- Bianchi Valentina (2019)
Spelling Out Focus-Fronting Chains and Wh- Chains: The Case of Italian.
Syntax ,

- Bianchi Valentina, Bocci Giuliano, Cruschina Silvio Bianchi Valentina, (2018)
Syntactic and prosodic effects of long-distance wh-movement in Italian..
In: Delia Bentley and Silvio Cruschina (eds), Non-Canonical Postverbal Subjects. Special issue of Italian Journal of Linguistics 30.2, 59-78.

- Servidio Emilio, Bocci Giuliano, Bianchi Valentina (2018)
(Dis)agreement, polarity, and focus: Answering negative polar questions in Italian.
Glossa: a journal of general linguistics, 3(1), 3 [873.88 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Frascarelli Mara (2017)
Complementizer deletion.
in: The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Syntax, Second edition (ed. M. Everaert and H. van Riemsdijk), vol 2, 963-992

- Bianchi Valentina, Bocci Cruschina Bianchi (2016)
Focus fronting, unexpectedness, and evaluative implicatures.
Semantics and Pragmatics 9.3.

- Bianchi Valentina (2016)
Labeling by denotational types.

- Bianchi Valentina, Belletti Adriana (2016)
Definiteness Effect and Unaccusative Subjects: An Overview and some New Thoughts.
In: Definiteness effects: Bilingual, typological and diachronic variation, Susann Fischer, Tanja Kupisch, Esther Rinke, 14–65. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

- Cruschina Silvio, Bianchi Valentina (2016)
The derivation and interpretation of polar questions with a fronted focus.
Lingua 170, 47-68.

- Bianchi Valentina, Chesi Cristiano (2015)
On a PP/DP asymmetry in extraction.
E. Di Domenico, C.Hamann, S. Matteini (eds.) Structures, Strategies and Beyond. Studies in honor of Adriana Belletti, 47-65. Amsterdam: John Benjamins- Linguistik Atuell Series ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Cruschina Silvio, Bocci Giuliano (2015)
Focus fronting and its implicatures.
In: Aboh, Enoch O., Jeannette C. Schaeffer and Petra Sleeman (eds.), Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2013. Selected papers from ’Going Romance’ Amsterdam 2013, pp. 1-19, doi 10.1075/rllt.8.01bia

- Bianchi Valentina (2015)
Italian arbitrary external arguments in active and passive clauses..
Rivista di Grammatica Generativa 37, 1-16.

- Bianchi Valentina (2014)
Focus fronting and the syntax-semantics interface.
To appear in U. Shlonsky (ed.), Beyond the functional sequence, Oxford University Press. [227.29 Kb ]

- Chesi Cristiano, Bianchi Valentina (2014)
Subject islands, reconstruction, and the flow of the computation.
Linguistic Inquiry Vol. 45.4 , pp. 525–569 ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2013)
Extraposition as Predicate Restriction: the case of Italian.
first draft ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2013)
On focus movement in Italian.
M. V. Camacho-Taboada, A. Jiménez Fernández, J. Martín-Gonzáles, M. Reyes-Tejedor (eds.), Information Structure and Agreement. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Bocci Giuliano (2012)
Should I stay or should I go? Optional focus movement in Italian.
In C. Piñon (ed.), Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 9.

- Bianchi Valentina, Frascarelli Mara (2012)
On how to be rooted in a context (abstract).
GLOW Newsletter, spring 2012 ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2012)
Semantica. Dalle parole alle frasi.
Roma, Carocci

- Bianchi Valentina, Chesi Cristiano (2012)
Subject Islands and the Subject Criterion.
Internet Celebration for Luigi Rizzi s 60th birthday.

- Bianchi Valentina (2011)
Some notes on the ’specificity effects’ of optional resumptive pronouns.
In: A. Rouveret (ed.), Resumptive pronouns at the interfaces. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 319-342 [331.32 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2010)
The person feature and the "cartographic" representation of the context.
Extended handout ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Frascarelli Mara (2010)
Is topic a root phenomenon?.
Iberia 2, 43-88 [296.89 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Chesi Cristiano (2010)
Reversing the perspective on Quantifier Raising.
Rivista di Grammatica Generativa 35, 3-38 [262.02 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2009)
A note on backward anaphora.
Rivista di Grammatica Generativa 34, 3-34 ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Chesi Cristiano (2008)
Phases, Strong Islands, and Computational Nesting.
StIL Vol. 2 ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2008)
Whose ring? Shakespeare against “Shakespearianism”.

- Bianchi Valentina, Chesi Cristiano (2007)
Quantifier Raising in a Top-Down Grammar.
XVII Colloquium on Generative Grammar [632.5 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2007)
Wh-infinitives and the licensing of "anaphoric tense".
In: M: C. Picchi & A. Pona (eds.), Proceedings of the "XXXII Incontro di Grammatica Generativa", Alessandria, Edizioni dell’Orso, pp. 35.47 ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2006)
Subjectless language:syntactic aspects of S. Becketts Rockaby.
Rivista di Grammatica Generativa 31, 3-17 ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Chesi Cristiano (2006)
Phases, left branch islands, and computational nesting.
Upenn Working Papers in Linguistics 12.1 : Proceedings of the 29th Penn Linguistic Colloquium, 15-28 [253.72 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2006)
Number agreement and event pluralization : a case study.
in ’Phases of Interpretation’, edited by M. Frascarelli. Berlino, Mouton de Gruyter [200.04 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2006)
On the syntax of personal arguments.
Lingua 116, 2023-2067[234.5 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2006)
An asymmetry between personal pronouns and other DPs.
Snippets 12 [125.5 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Chesi Cristiano (2005)
Phases, strong islands, and computational nesting.
Ms. University of Siena (slides presented at the 28th GLOW Colloquium 2005, Genève) [ slides 933 Kb - paper 287 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2005)
The person asymmetry: undespecification of person and number features?.
handout [74.01 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2004)
Resumptive relatives and LF chains.
The structure of CP and IP, edited by L. Rizzi, 76-114. New York/Oxford, Oxford University Press [255.5 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Zamparelli Roberto (2004)
Edge coordinations: Focus and conjunction reduction.
Peripheries. Syntactic edges and their effects, a c. di D. Adger, C. De Cat e G. Tsoulas. Dordrecht, Kluwer

- Bianchi Valentina (2003)
On finiteness as logophoric anchoring.
J. Guéron & L. Tasmovski (eds.), Temps et point de vue/Tense and Point of View, Université Paris X - Nanterre, 213-246 ]

- Bianchi Valentina, Bertinetto Pier Marco (2003)
Tense, aspect and syntax. A review of Giorgi & Pianesi (1997).
Linguistics 41.3, 565-606

- Bianchi Valentina (2002)
Headed relative clauses in generative syntax.
Part II: Glot International 6.8, 235-247 [89.68 Kb [140.47 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2002)
Headed relative Clauses in Generative Syntax. Part I.
Glot International 6.7 [89.68 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (2001)
Antisymmetry and the Leftness Condition: leftness as anti-c-command.
Studia Linguistica 55.1

- Bianchi Valentina (2001)
On person agreement.
Unpublished extended version of the (2003) paper on finiteness and person agreement. [501.54 Kb ]

- Bianchi Valentina (1993)
Subject positions and e-positions. .
Quaderni del Laboratorio di Linguistica 7, Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore, 51-70 ]

The raising analysis of relative clauses: A reply to Borsley. Linguistic Inquiry 31, 123-140.

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On the structural position of time clauses. Quaderni del Laboratorio di Linguistica 11, 66-90. Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore.

Temporal adverbs and the notion of perspective point. (Co-autore: Pier Marco Bertinetto). Semantyka a konfrontacja jezykowa, a c. di Violetta Koseska-Toszewa e Danut Rytel-Kuc, 11-21. Warszawa, Polska Akademia Nauk.

Perspective point and textual dynamics. (Co-autori: Pier Marco Bertinetto e Mario Squartini). Temporal Reference: Aspect and Actionality, volume I: Semantic and Syntactic Perspectives, a c. di Pier Marco Bertinetto, Valentina Bianchi, Mario Squartini e James Higginbotham, 309-324. Torino, Rosenberg & Sellier.

On some properties of agreement object in Italian and Brazilian Portuguese. (Co-autore: Maria Cristina Figueiredo Silva). Issues and Theory in Romance Linguistics. Selected papers from the Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages XXIII, a c. di Michael L. Mazzola, 181-197. Washington, D.C., Georgetown University Press.

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Sulla struttura funzionale del sintagma nominale italiano. Rivista di Grammatica Generativa 17, 105-127.


Le relative infinitive e altre strutture modali infinitive in italiano. Quaderni del Laboratorio di Linguistica 5, 51-69. Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore.


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