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Persone > Prof. Adriana Belletti
Curriculum Vitae

Adriana Belletti is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Siena.

  • She has been a student and then a researcher at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, a visiting scholar and research affiliate at the Department of Linguistics of MIT.
  • She has taught at the University of Geneva, in various international summer institutes, e.g. LSA/New York, Glow-Girona, ALI-Brisbane-Australia, Glow-Barcelona;  in various linguistics departments and research institutes, e.g. UCLA-USA, UFSC-Florianopolis-Brazil, University of Paris-7, DEC-Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris.
  • She is a member of the editorial board of Linguistic Inquiry, MIT Press; she has been in the scientific committee of various international conferences and workshops - recently, GALA2005-University of  Siena; Latsis Colloquium 2006-University of Geneve, 35th IGG 2009-University of  Siena.
  • She has been a member of the European COST A33 Crosslinguistically robust stages of children’s linguistic performance.
Adriana Belletti
  • She is the national coordinator of the project founded by the Italian Ministry of Research/FIRB (Fondo Italiano per la Ricerca di Base) on Fundamental research and the Italian language: Documentation, monolingual, bilingual and L2 acquisition, conception of multimedia products.
  • She is a MC member of the of the European COST Action  IS 0804, Language Impairment in a Multilingual Society: Linguistic Patterns and the Road to Assessment (2009-2013)
  • She is the coordinator of various a Socrates-Erasmus programs between  the University of Siena and the:  Université de Genève; Autonoma University of Barcelona; University of Stüttgart; University of Edinburgh; University of Oldenburg; Université de Tours.
  • She is the promoter of a bilateral agreement between the Faculty of Letters of the University of Siena and the Department of Linguistics at UCLA-USA
  • Her research focuses on theoretical comparative syntax, comparative studies in language acquisition and pathology.


Main selected publications


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On-line papers

- Bianchi Valentina, Belletti Adriana (2016)
Definiteness Effect and Unaccusative Subjects: An Overview and some New Thoughts.
In: Definiteness effects: Bilingual, typological and diachronic variation, Susann Fischer, Tanja Kupisch, Esther Rinke, 14–65. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

- Belletti Adriana (2014)
The focus map of clefts: Extraposition and Predication.
Beyond Functional Sequence (The Cartography of Syntactic Structures series), U.Shlonky ed., Oxford University Press [345.99 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2013)
On Fin: Italian che, Japanese no, and the selective properties of the copula in clefts.
Yoichi Miyamoto, Daiko Takahashi, Hideki Maki, Masao Ochi, Koji Sugisaki & Asako Uchibori (eds.), Deep Insights, Broad Perspectives. Essays in Honor of Mamoru Saito, 41-55. 2013. Tokyo: Kaitakusha Co., Ltd. [181.35 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana, Chesi Cristiano (2011)
Relative Clauses from the input: syntactic considerations on a corpus-based analysis of italian.
Studies in Linguistics (CISCL Working Papers) Vol.4 [292.28 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana, Rizzi Luigi (2010)
Ways of avoiding intervention: Object relatives, Passive and Control.
to appear in R.Berwick & M.Piattelli Palmarini eds. Rich grammars from a poor input¸ OUP [88.56 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana, Contemori Carla (2010)
Intervention and Attraction. On the Production of Subject and Object Relatives by Italian (young) Children and Adults.
forthcoming in the Proceedings of Gala 2009 [91.78 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana, Rizzi Luigi (2009)
Moving Verbal chuncks.
to appear in L..Brugé, A.Cardinaletti, G.Giusti, N.Munaro, C.Poletto eds. Functional Heads, OUP [62.23 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2008)
Answering strategies: New information subjects and the nature of clefts..
To appear as Chapter 10 of Structures and Strategies - Routledge [158.94 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2008)
The CP of Clefts.
StIL Vol.2 [55.62 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2008)
Structures and Strategies.
Routledge, NY [110.53 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2008)
Notes on Passive Object Relatives.
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- Friedmann Naama, Belletti Adriana, Rizzi Luigi (2008)
Relativized relatives: Types of intervention in the acquisition of A-bar dependencies.
Lingua [441.39 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2008)
Acquisition meets comparison: some notes.
Gala 2007 Proceedings [67.68 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2008)
Pronouns and the edge of the clause..
To appear as Chapter 11 of Structures and Strategies - Routledge [128.3 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2006)
Extending doubling to non local domains: complete vs partial copying + deletion and related reconstruction issues..
[67.12 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2006)
Answering strategies. A view from acquisition.
Proceedings of Going Romance 2005 [221.69 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2005)
Extended doubling and the VP periphery.
Probus 17:1 [198.23 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2005)
Answering with a ’cleft’: the role of the null subject parameter and the vp periphery.
Proceedings of the Thirtieth ’Incontro di Grammatica Generativa’ , L.Brugè, G.Giusti, N.Munaro, W.Schweikert, G.Turano eds., 63-82, Cafoscarina, Venezia [82.48 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2005)
Kinds of evidence for linguistic theory.
To appear in the 17th Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Aristotle University,Thessaloniki, April 2005 [84 Kb ]

- Leonini Chiara, Belletti Adriana (2004)
Adult L2 acquisition of Italian clitic pronouns and "Subject inversion/VS" Structures.
LOT [167.51 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana, Leonini Chiara (2004)
Subject inversion in L2 Italian.
John Benjamins [732.62 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2004)
Aspects of the low IP area.
draft, published in ’The Structure of IP and CP. The Cartography of Syntactic Structures’ vol.2. L. Rizzi ed. OUP. [290.5 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2001)
’Inversion’ as focalization.
in A.Hulk and J.Y.Pollock eds., Inversion in Romance and the theory of Universal Grammar, Oxford University Press (OUP) [180 ]

- Belletti Adriana (2001)
(Past) Participle agreement.
Progetto SynCom (ottobre) [198.5 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2001)
La frase comparativa in italiano antico.
Università  di Siena [64.5 Kb ]

- Chomsky Noam, Belletti Adriana, Rizzi Luigi (2000)
Intervista sul Minimalismo.
Università  di Siena [160.32 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (2000)
Agreement Projections.
in M.Baltin & C.Collins eds. The Handbook of Contemporary Syntactic Theory, Blackwell [277.5 Kb ]

- Belletti Adriana (1999)
’Inversion’ as focalization and related questions.
(versione lunga) Catalan Working papers in Linguistics, 7 [260.5 Kb ]



e-mail: belletti at unisi dot it
Via Roma, 56
Tel. 0577-234811
Fax 0577-232546

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