IGG46 will take place online on February 23-26 2021.
The IGG46 workshop on Multilingualism will take place online on February 19 2021.

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Call for papers: Main conference & Workshop

For the general conference, we invite abstracts for 30-minutes talks and for posters on any topic related to generative grammar, from a theoretical and/or experimental perspective. The official languages are English and Italian.


Multilingualism: Social and Cognitive Dimensions

Multilingualism is a pervasive phenomenon in contemporary societies. The capacity to naturally acquire any language by any child has become the central empirical observation since the beginning of generative grammar, as it shows that, as humans, we are all biologically endowed with a language acquisition device which is naturally put into work through social interaction of the typically developing child with the external world. So, conditions internal to the cognitive system, i.e. the internal grammar with its formal properties, and external conditions, i.e. exposure to a rich enough input, are both crucial dimensions in any form of language acquisition. The dialog between the social and the cognitive dimensions is especially crucial in situations of multilingualism, raising specific issues, such as: richness of the quality and quantity of the input, age of onset, possible delays in child acquisition, necessity to distinguish between pathological delay vs unavoidable time needed in second language acquisition, the distinction among types of multiligualism/ early vs late, child vs adult ..., the possible protective role of multilingualism in aging, the role of questionnaires to determine external factors, types of adapted testing etc. These issues are especially congenial with one of the research themes developed at the hosting department DISPOC within the frame of the interdisciplinary project for which it has been selected as one of the Excellence Departments of the Italian University system.
Submissions are invited for posters on issues related to multilingualism along the lines indicated above, with a special focus on the dialog between the role of grammatical constraints and the role of external conditions. Empirical domains investigated may also concern discourse situations (such as e.g. question-answers exchanges and their formal characterization, appropriate use of subject pronouns, proper mastering of clitic pronouns and topicalization structures etc...), always crucial in social interactions.
The workshop will take place in the morning of February 25th. The official language of the workshop is English.

Invited Speakers

Carlo Cecchetto

Carlo Cecchetto

Università Milano Bicocca/CNRS

Adam Ledgeway

Adam Ledgeway

University of Cambridge

Maria Teresa Guasti

Maria Teresa Guasti

Università Milano Bicocca

Antonella Sorace

Antonella Sorace

University of Edimburgh

Instructions for submission

Submissions are limited to a maximum of one individual and one joint abstract per author. Please select in the submission form whether you are submitting an abstract for the general conference, for the workshop, or for both. If you have a preference for either oral or poster presentation, please indicate this in the "abstract" field of the submission form. Note that the workshop only includes posters; a full talk can be submitted for the general conference.

Abstracts should be anonymous and no longer than two pages (12-point type, single line spacing, 2.5cm margins) including examples, tables, references.

The abstracts, in PDF format, must be submitted via Easychair:

Submission deadline:
December 8th 2019

Notification of acceptance:
January 10th 2020

Deadline for confirmation:
January 18th 2020

igg46 AT unisi.it

The conference is funded by the InterDispoc excellence project
Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Science

Organizing Committee

Adriana Belletti
Valentina Bianchi
Nicoletta Biondo
Cristiano Chesi
Giuliano Bocci
Claudia Manetti
Salvatore Menza
Vincenzo Moscati
Luigi Rizzi

Conference venue:

San Niccolò

Dipartimento di Scienze Sociali, Politiche e Cognitive (DISPOC)
Università degli Studi di Siena

Università degli Studi di Siena
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