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Adriana Belletti

Introduction: about CISCL

Flavia Adani

Some notes on the acquisition of relative clauses: New data and open questions

Giulia Bianchi

A cartographic approach to the second language acquisition of German weak pronouns

Valentina Bianchi & Cristiano Chesi

Subject islands and the Subject Criterion

Carlo Cecchetto & Caterina Donati

“Perché” Rizzi is right

Cristiano Chesi & Andrea Moro

Computational blindness in the brain

Carla Contemori & Maria Garraffa

Subject relatives in typical and atypical language development

Silvio Cruschina

Focus in Existential Sentences

Lena Dal Pozzo

New information subjects in bilingual and monolingual child production

Elisa Di Domenico

Focus and focus positions: The case of Perugino

Michelangelo Falco

Specificity: the syntax/semantics mapping. A research project

Maria Cristina Figueiredo Silva

A note on the prosody of focalized structures in Brazilian Portuguese

Irene Franco

Subject requirement, complementizers and optionality

Mara Frascarelli

The interpretation of discourse categories: Cartography for a crash-proof syntax

Naama Friedmann & Aviah Gvion

Intervention and Locality in agrammatic aphasia

Giuliana Giusti

On Force and Case, Fin and Num

Günther Grewendorf & Cecilia Poletto

Separable prefixes and verb positions in Cimbrian

Nino Grillo

Local and universal

Simona Mancini

On agreement feature processing and representation

Simona Matteini

L2 parameter “shifting” in the DP domain: developmental patterns in the acquisition of German possessive constructions in a formal environment

Carlos Mioto

Reduced Pseudoclefts in Caribbean Spanish and in Brazilian Portuguese

Vincenzo Moscati

The cartography of Negative Markers: why negation breaks the assumption of LF/PF isomorphism

Emilio Servidio

Polarity particles in Italian fragment answers

Halldór Ármann Sigurðsson

Thoughts on cartography and universality

Marit Westergaard, Øystein Vangsnes, Terje Lohndal

Norwegian som: The complementizer that climbed to the matrix Left Periphery and caused Verb Second violations