Gruppo di discussione in Scienze Cognitive
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Filippo Barra
Alberto GattiDistributed Cognition; Embodied Cognition; Notion of Representation; Human-Environment InteractionUniversità  di Siena
Marco MirolliUniversità  di Siena
Fabio Paglieri1. Belief revision, cognitive modeling, multi agent systems and agent based social simulation, logic and cognition, intentional behavior, Artificial Intelligence // 2. Interdisciplinary play studies, game theory, play and education, developmental psychology, cognitive ethology, evolutionary dynamics // 3. Cognitive, emotional and social conditions of researchers, socio-economical aspects of research policies, self-organized research groupsUniversity of Siena // PhD Programme in Cognitive Science // Interdisciplinary Centre for Play Research (CIRG)
Daniele PortolanUniversità  di Siena
Massimo TriaUniversità  di Siena
Luca TummoliniUniversità  di Siena
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