Language Acquisition

Anna Gavarró and Noemi Fortón
Person features and the acquisition of clitics

Nina Hyams and William Snyder
Minimality Effects in Children's Passives

Keiko Murasugi
Ne-attachment (Ne-tuke) on the truncated sentences

Vincenzo Moscati
Eliciting clitics in French: against the generalized null object stage

Bilingualism and
Language Impairment

Noga Balaban and Naama Friedmann
Disentangling responses to Wh-questions: TOM and syntactic abilities

Giulia Bianchi
Gender in L2 German

Giuliano Bocci and Lucia Pozzan
Some questions (and some experimental answers) about Italian subjects: Subject positions in main and embedded questions in L1 and attrition

Anna Cardinaletti and Francesca Volpato
On the comprehension and production of passive and relative clauses by dyslexic university students

Carla Contemori, Lena Dal Pozzo and Simona Matteini
Resolving pronominal anaphora in real-time: a comparison between Italian native and near-native speakers

Elisa Di Domenico
Transferring strategies and the nature of transfer

Naama Friedmann, Maya Yachini and Ronit Szterman
Relatively easy relatives: Children with syntactic SLI avoid intervention

Cornelia Hamann and Laurie Tuller
Intervention effects in the spontaneous production of relative clauses in (a)typical language development of French children and adolescents

Maria Vender, Maria Garraffa, Maria Teresa Guasti and Antonella Sorace
Bilingualism and Specific Language Impairment: Similarities and Differences

Marit Westergaard, Antonella Sorace, Caroline Heycock and Kristine Bentzen
Variable verb placement in embedded clauses: comparing English and Norvegian children

Linguistic Theory
(Syntax and beyond)

Valentina Bianchi and Cristiano Chesi
A PP/DP asymmetry in extraction

Andrea Calabrese
Locality effects in Italian verbal morphology

Carlo Cecchetto and Caterina Donati
Subject intervention in free relatives

Gennaro Chierchia
Are free relatives questions?

Noam Chomsky
Problems of projection: extensions

Guglielmo Cinque
Diminutive, endearing, augmentative and pejorative heads in the extended nominal projection

Joao Costa
A note on parallels between agreement and intervention

Silvio Cruschina
Some notes on clefting and fronting

Denis Delfitto and Gaetano Fiorin
Exhaustivity operators and fronted focus in Italian

Irene Franco
Effects of parametric change and active/inactive alignment: the case of C-omission

Mara Frascarelli and Francesca Ramaglia
Split nominal constructions in Italian

Guenther Grewendorf and Cecilia Poletto
Relative clauses in Cimbrian

Liliane Haegemann and Terje Lohndal
Be careful how you use the low periphery

Richard Kayne
Once and Twice

Karen Lahousse
A case of focal adverb preposing in French

Marco Nicolis
Clausal extraposition, syntactic doubling: pro-legomena

Cecilia Poletto and Jacopo Garzonio
The negative marker that escaped the cycle. Some notes on manco

Luigi Rizzi
Notes on labeling and subject positions

Ian Roberts
Some remarks on arbitrary pronouns

Emilio Servidio
Polarity particles in interrogative tags

Ur Shlonsky
What I learned about Hebrew null subjects by talking to Adriana Belletti in Siena in the summer of 2009

Dominique Sportiche
Relative clauses – Head raising only

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